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Daredevil: The Album by Various Artists (C)D Heavy Metal Music Won't Back Down

Daredevil: The Album by Various Artists (C)D Heavy Metal Music Won't Back Down



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Additional Information about Daredevil: The Album by Various Artists (CD, Feb-2003, Wind-Up)
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Album Features
UPC: 601501307928
Artist: Various Artists
Format: CD
Release Year: 2003
Record Label: Wind-Up
Genre: Heavy Metal

Track Listing
1. Won't Back Down - Fuel
2. For You - The Calling
3. Bleed for Me - Saliva
4. Hang On - Seether
5. Learn the Hard Way - Nickelback
6. The - Rob Zombie/Drowning Pool Man Without Fear
7. Right Now - Nappy Roots/Marcos Curiel
8. Evening Rain - Moby
9. Bring Me to Life - Evanescence
10. Until You're Reformed - Chevelle
11. Right Before Your Eyes - Hoobastank
12. Fade Out/In - Paloalto
13. Caught in the Rain - Revis
14. High Wire Escape Artist - BoySetsFire
15. Raise Your Rifles - Autopilot Off
16. Blind Justice remix) Daredevil Theme - Graeme Revell/Mike Einziger (Blind Justice Remix
17. My Immortal - Evanescence
18. Sad Exchange - Finger Eleven
19. Simple Lies - Endo
20. Let Go - 12 Stones

Playing Time: 74 min.
Producer: Moby, Graeme Revell, Nickelback, Chevelle, Bob Marlette, Rick Parashar, Michael Beinhorn, Jay Baumgardner, Marc Tanner, Don Gilmore, Rich Costey, Dave Schiffman, Scott Humphrey, Dave Fortman, Greig Nori, Carl Bell, Alex Band, Aaron Kamin
Distributor: BMG (distributor)
Recording Type: Studio
Recording Mode: Stereo
SPAR Code: n/a

Album Notes
Original music composed by G. Revell.Audio Mixers: Chris Lord-Alge; Frank Gryner; Jay Baumgardner; Mark Curry; Andy Wallace; Randy Staub ; Scott Humphrey.Comic books and hard rock are two obsessions to which plenty of kids and teens devote slavish amounts of time. So it's not surprising how well soundtracks created to accompany films about Spiderman and The X-Men have done. DAREDEVIL: THE ALBUM continues the trend. Pumped full of thundering riffs and relentless energy, these 20 cuts are by some of the biggest names in the nu metal/alt-rock world. Things start with the metallic clank of Fuel's doom-and-gloom "Won't Back Down" and end with 12 Stones' bluesy "Let Go." In between, superstars stepping up to the plate include Saliva (a soaring "Bleed For Me"), Moby (an ethereal "Evening Rain"), and Hoobastank (the lush "Right Before Your Eyes" complete with strings).Even Chad Kroeger returns from his stint on the SPIDER-MAN soundtrack, landing his band Nickelback on the DAREDEVIL soundtrack via the chugging "Learn the Hard Way." Although the thunderous industrial rock Drowning Pool/Rob Zombie team-up "The Man Without Fear" merits plenty of attention, the most pleasant surprise comes from Evanescence, whose "My Immortal" comes off like a Tori Amos outtake with its dominant piano, gorgeous string arrangements, and lead singer Amy Lee's ethereal phrasing.


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