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Big Bumpin' (XBOX) Brand New! Factory Sealed!! Complete Video Game

Big Bumpin' (XBOX) Brand New! Factory Sealed!! Complete Video Game



-> Video Game is Brand New!! Factory Sealed!
-> This is a XBOX Video Game Release
-> Sale is COMPLETE with disc, CASE, and MANUAL
-> All Video Games for sale are not bootlegs or copies. This is a legitimate release.


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Additional Information about Big Bumpin' (Microsoft Xbox, 2006)

Product Information
Big Bumpin' is a 3D-action bumper-car game, released by fast food chain Burger King as part of a 2006 holiday season promotion. Players take control of the King, or one of his fellow restaurant mascots and spokespeople (including real-life model Brooke Burke), to compete in raucous, powered-up, collision-prone competition. As with Pocketbike Racer and Sneak King -- the other two titles released in the promotion -- the Big Bumpin' disc actually contains two complete versions of the game: one for play on the original Xbox console and the other for play on Xbox 360. Big Bumpin' was developed by Blitz Games, a studio known for its work with licensed properties in games such as Bratz: Rock Angelz, CUBIX: Race 'N Robots, and Pac-Man World 3.

Product Identifiers
Publisher King Games
Game Big Bumpin'
Key Features
Platform Microsoft Xbox
Tech Details
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1-4
Release Year 2006




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