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A Regular Frankie Fan (DVD) Brand New! Not Rated Musical & Performing Arts

A Regular Frankie Fan (DVD) Brand New! Not Rated Musical & Performing Arts



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Additional Information about A Regular Frankie Fan (DVD, 2001)

In 1975, the film version of the horror-spoofing musical stage production THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW opened in theaters. It was a box office bomb. A year later, it reopened as the first "audience participation" movie, playing at midnight on weekends to houses packed with viewers who came dressed as their favorite characters, ready to speak the lines and belt out the songs performed by the strange folks on the screen. Over 25 years later, the phenomenon continues. Narrator Paul Williams guides you through a look at the the fans of ROCKY HORROR in this documentary that seeks to find just why the film continues to inspire fervent audience participation and just exactly what the fans gain from dressing up and playing the parts of their favorite characters.

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Number of Discs: 1
Rating: Not Rated
Film Country: USA
UPC: 801805080095


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Genre: Musical & Performing Arts
Format: DVD


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